Hexylene glycol

Hexylene glycol
  • Industrial coatings industry.
  • It is a component in lacquers and varnishes, and is a solvent plasticiser in surface coatings.
  • It is also a component in both oil and water- based paints, and in paint strippers.
  • Used as a chemical intermediate,where it is both a down hole lubricant and a grinding and extraction aid.
  • Employed as an antifreeze, and as a coupling agent for hydraulic fluids, agent in the manufacture of textiles and cosmetics industry.
  • It also has a role as a wetting agent in pesticide formulations and is a solvent in the preparation of dyes.
  • Packing : Totes
    Specifications :
    Characteristic Unit Lower Limit Upper Limit
    Specific Gravity 20/20°C 0.9210 0 9240
    Distillation Range at 760mmHg (IP) °C 195.5
    Distillation Range at 760mmHg (DP) °C 198.5
    Purity % wt 99 00
    Acidity as Acetic Add % wt 0.0050
    Color Pt-Co 10
    Water % wt 0.100

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