Globomotive has experienced a very exciting journey over the past decade and has gone through a constant evolution process, initially starting as a sourcing, supplying and development partners for various Automotive Consumables, Cables and Wires, Plastic Products, Chemical Products and Wide range of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous products to be a sophisticated and matured manufacturing entity and entered into JV with the market leaders in the electrical and wiring segment.

Our continuous focus is on service, quality and competitiveness.

What we do

Globomotive specializes in sourcing, developing and manufacturing Consumables & specialized products for Automotive, Chemicals ,Electrical and Industrial Consumables. Globomotive is specialized in providing raw materials for paintsdryers, catalyst, Inks/pigments, stabilizers industrial chemicals and has since established itself as reliable, dominant & strategic link in the petrochemical, paint, Ink & coatings, catalyst, Automotive applications etc.Globomotive is one stop shop for Automotive and Harness  manufacturers.


Glycols(virgin/recycled), Low Aromatics, Base Oil & High boilers are some of the products we enjoy leadership position in the global markets and also provide single source to distillers & lubricant manufacturers.

We partner with companies/refineries across the world to establish and maintain strong relationships that allow us to be single source supplier to our valuable customers globally.

We Provide world class Cables/Wires, Terminals, Crimping tools, Brake Liners/tubing & related products for Automotive Industry, Power Sector, Infrastructure Sector and Telecom Sector has been the single most important factor for the company's unprecedented growth in last decade. Globomotive continues to grow their product offerings in different categories while consumables for all industries are at the center of our growth strategy.

Global Standard

Along with diversified range, leaders at Globomotive understands the importance of standards and accreditations. Which have been investing in attaining the most numbers of accreditations and global standard approvals to be able to sell the product anywhere in the world Only very few companies has been able to achieve in the global market.

Globomotive Building


Our products are world class and every product adheres to highest quality standards and accreditations along with approvals and certification applicable in their class. We are an ISO 9001 certified organization and all our partners are committed to provide highest level of quality.

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