PVC Insulated Heavy Duty of Design and Construction as per IS 1554

 PVC Insulated Heavy Duty of Design & Construction as per IS 1554
  • Heavy duty performance.
  • Offers the best combination of safety, efficiency and economy
  • Typical Example of Design & Construction As per IS 1554 Power Cable & Control Cable : Steel round , wire or steel strip armoured.

    Conductor IS Specification
    High conductivity 8130
    insulation:Grade Copper 5831
    Inner Sheath +: PVC type A or C 5831
    PVC type ST1 or ST2 Galvanized wire steel strip 3975
    Outer Sheath PVC type ST1 or St2 5831

    Classification Of PVC Compoud:
  • For power cable and control cable upto 4 cores, the cores are identified by different colours as per IS 1554 :
  • Single Core : Red, Yellow, Blue, Black etc.
  • 2 Core : Red and Black
  • 3 Core : Red, Yellow and Blue
  • 3½ Core : Red, Yellow, Blue and reduced neutral core in Black
  • 4 Core : Red, Yellow, Blue and Black.
  • 5 Core : Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Grey.
  • When the number of core exceed 5, numbering is provided on Black core and 1 core Yellow / Green.

    Type Application Max. Conductor Temp. Max. Conductor Temp.
    A Insulation 70°C 70°C
    C Insulation 85°C & 105°C 70°C
    St1 Sheath 70°C 70°C
    St2 Sheath 90°C 90°C

    Product Code As per IS 1554 / Part-I / 1998, the product is coded by alphabets :

    Aluminium A (No abbreviations are used for copper.)
    PVC Insulation Y
    Steel Strip Wire Armour W
    Steel Strip Armour F
    Steel Double Armour WW
    Steel Double Strip Armour FF
    PVC Outer Sheath Y
    Current Rating: :
  • The current rating given in tables are based on normal conditions of installation described below:
  • Maximum Conductor 70℃ for PVC Insulation & Temperature 850 for HRPVC Insulation
  • Thermal Resistivity of soil 150℃ cm/w
  • Thermal Resistivity of PVC 650°C cm/w
  • Ground temperature 40℃
  • Depth of laying 75 cms (to the highest point of cable laid direct in the ground)

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