Car Seat Cover Regular and Customized

Car Seat Cover Regular and Customized
Interior Protection :
  • Disposable Car & Commercial Seat Covers.
  • Our Seat Covers are manufactured in high grade LLDPE polythene with high strength.
  • The Seat Covers are available in opaque or clear material with variable dimensions and thickness as per customer’s need.
  • The packaging of Seat Covers are available in roll form boxed or un-boxed with different dispensing systems such as centre-feed rolls or standard dispensing roll.
  • The Seat Cover thickness range from 10 Micron to 25 Micron.
  • We do provide the flexibility in branding the seat covers and the outer box packaging up to 2 colours.
  • Disposals :
  • Globomotive Inc. is a manufacturer of low density bottom weld polythene bags, sacks in LDPE, HDPE, virgin food grade, tinted, coloured, printed and recycled materials.Our wide range of product includes:
  • Black Refuse Sacks
  • Coloured Refuse Sacks
  • Black Compactor Sacks
  • Black Rubble/Compost Sacks
  • Clear Shredder Sacks
  • Black Wheelie Bin Liners
  • Pallet Covers on a roll
  • Biodegradable Bags, Sacks & Sheet
  • Kerbside Collection Bags
  • Confidential Waste Bags
  • Bag on Roll
  • Printed Bags
  • Biodegradable Seat Covers & Bags :
  • We manufacture degradable disposable car and commercial seat covers, polythene bags & sacks. They are also available in food grade or anti-static degradable fi lm. The degradable fi lm is fully biodegradable with the addition of heat and/or light. The products incorporated with TDPA® additive, have been evaluated and tested in accordance to ASTM D6954-04 which is the standard guide developed for Exposing and Testing Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a Combination of oxidation and Biodegradation. These PE bags when disposed in a landfi ll are degradable within 12 to 24 months and will ultimately biodegrade in the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen into simpler materials found in nature, as described in ASTM D 6954-04.
  • The ultimate biodegradation of PE products containing TDPA® additives has been studied by Professor Emo Chiellini, a world-renown biometrics expert from the University of Pisa and found to biodegrade to the extent of 65-75% mineralization (i.e. microbial conversion of carbon to carbon dioxide) plus 10-15% carbon to cell biomass formation.
  • The products can be printed with one of the following logo or customer specifi c symbols to mark the product as biodegradable.
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