Non Ferrous Washers

Non Ferrous Washers
Construction :
  • The washers can be manufactured to DIN, BS or UL Standards. The range of washers available are BSP Imperial, Metric Standard & Fuel Injection & Compression type. Annealing process is available for copper washers to make them softer on application. We have a manufacturing capacity range from Inner Diameter of 3.00mm to Outside Diameter 200mm of washers and thickness from 0.05mm (shims) to 5.00mm.
  • We manufacture washers in a vast range of materials such as:
  • Metallic Range : Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Cold Rolled Strip, Spring Steel (hardened & tempered), Copper, Phosphor Bronze etc.
  • Non-Metallic Range : Red Fibre, Press Pan Paper, Craft Paper, Nylon (6 & 66), Polyester etc.
  • The washers are de burred & flat. They are free from types of surface detects, which are the main cause of leakages for various applications.
  • Bonded Seals :
  • Bonded Seal (Dowty Washers) are widely used in pneumatic industry where it's basic function to avoid leakage of air thereby maintaining the pressure in the application, The washer has a fl exible rubber lip within a steel ring. The tightening and bursting loads are resisted by metal ring. We use press metal washers for rings so that, the concentricity & fl atness of the washer remains within 0-0.05%. This helps to bond the rubber evenly on the metal surface.
  • We manufacture Metric washers from M10 to M60 & Imperial washers from 1/8” & 2.1/2" BSP sizes as per your request.
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