Self- Amalgamating Tapes

 Self  Amalgamating Tapes
  • Strip back the interleaving and stretch the tape to reduce its width by between one third and one half. Keep the tape under tension and map, overlapping successive layers by 50%, until the desired build-up of insulation is achieved. Finish the wrapping by holding the tape under thumb and snap by stretching. The high degree of stretch as describe above will prevent the inclusion of volts and ensure rapid amalgamation.
  • Specifications of Self- Amalgamating Tapes:
    Item no. Description Colour
    SAM19X5-BLA Self-amalgamating tapes 19mm / 5m black

  • For jointing (splicing) and repair of a wide range of solid dielectric power cables up to 6O kV.
  • The tapes have excellent physical and electrical properties.
  • The temperature performance of the tapes in a joint will be compatible with the 90°C continuous, 130°C overload rating of crosslinked polyethylene insulated cables
  • In addition to its used at high voltages, as noted above the tapes are suitable for insulating and waterproofing electrical components and connections at lower voltage.
  • Average Properties Property Value Test Method
    Thickness Self-amalgamating tapes 19mm / 5m 2517: 0.75min (0.030 inches)
    Tensile Strength Elongation at Break 3.0MPa 80% BS903 Part A2 1989
    Fusion and Tackiness Passes Passes ASTM D 1373:70
    Water Absorption 0.05% (24 hours) ASTM D 570:63
    Corrosion Liability None BS 392478
    Flammability Similar to that of polyethylene
    Ozone Resistance Passes ASTM D 1373:70
    Dielectric Strength S6kV/mm (Short time method) ASTM D 149:64
    64 Dielectric Constant 2.8 (50Hz) ASTM D 150:74
    Power Factor (Tan) 0.006 (50Hz) ASTM D 150:74
    Volume Resistivity (20°C) 1015 ohm -cm ASTM D 257:75

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